2 visual guides.
One teaches you how
to grow your own herbs,
and the other educates
you on the characteristics
unique to each tea.

How to Grow?

Using the cyanotype historical photo process, I created a visual recipe guide for growing flavourful herbs. The guide visually displays the three states of each of the four herbs (seeds, fresh and dried) through photograms. Hand written instructions on how to grow the herbs accompany the visuals.

The actual seeds and herbs were placed and exposed on these sheets of fabrics to create visually stunning photograms. The dreamy aesthetic that the cyanotype process has and the textures of the organic fabrics provides a more tactile, intimate experience for the reader. The stitching of the pages, binding and fraying of the raw fabrics follows through with the mentality of growing your own, and being involved in the whole process from start to finish. 

My Cup of Tea

An informative guide designed to educate non- tea drinkers about the four most widely most consumed teas worldwide (white, green, black and oolong tea) . Readers learn the characteristics that are unique to each, making it easier for one when choosing their next cup of tea. After learning about the different varieties, one can enjoy a cup of tea themselves with the green tea bag enclosed in the back pocket.