Show & Tell is my thesis I completed in my final year at OCADU. Show & Tell was a year long self initiated study investigating the relationship we have with our objects and the narratives they create for us.

Bartering Fair

I held a bartering fair in which people exchanged old belongings that they no longer needed, without focusing on its monetary value. Instead of being abandoned or disposed of, these unwanted objects could continue to create new meanings with the new owner. I transformed our University's lobby into an inviting atmosphere; a fusion between a living room and a flea market. I wanted to recreate the intimate, comfortable living space that we are all so accustomed to but at the same time bring in the chaos prevalent in flea markets. Although there would only be one recipient of each object, the story attached would be read by several people. I created this event as a place for people to start a conversation and share experiences, where the objects brought in acted a container for these stories.

Photography: Emily Soo, Sayeda Akbary, Maggie Chan

Video Series

I created a documentary that highlighted the unique perspectives of one’s relationship with their belongings, through the themes of the cherished, collected and the unwanted. 

"The Lucky Cat" and "Bunny Pouch" video were teasers videos to showcase some of items that would be available for barter at the to the Show & Tell bartering fair. 

Lost and Found Books

A compilation of stories within the idea of the lost and found were presented into two books, accompanied with custom illustrations for each story. Everyone has either lost or found an object in their lifetime so it was a comforting theme to explore as everyone could relate to this. Experiences uncovered through the lost and found takes one on a bittersweet journey. Guilt, frustration or even relief arises from loosing our belongings, where the act of uncovering something is usually a pleasant surprise.


I showcased my thesis at the annual OCADU graduation show and in a group exhibition at Gallery 1313. I recreated a typical study room corner, so that participants could feel at home while they interacted with my thesis in a comforting space. Name tags from the bartering fair where also provided, so once the participant was finished interacting with my thesis they could either wear it to continue the conversation, or leave a mark and place it on the wall.

Process Work

A compilation of reflections and processes throughout the year long case study. Themes of trial and error, mock experiments, documentation and research into themes of second hand culture, recollection, memories, and mythologies were explored.