Branding and
Spatial design for
the Radio Cafe.

Radio Cafe

A music themed cafe and workspace for employees to enjoy and feel inspired in at the Roger’s headquarters. Kiss 92.5 and CHFI DJ recording booths were also to be showcased in this space.

The spatial application included iconic musicians (that were both timeless and reflected current hits played by the two radio stations) along with music memorabilia and Rogers artifacts. The typographical pattern we developed acted as a system that bound all the pieces in the space together.  A gradient coloured album wall, with timeless and visually stimulating album art that span across the space acted as a catalyst for conversations in this space. I also conceived the names "The B-eat" and "R & Bean" which was a play on words fusing elements of food and music. The cafe signage was built with sintra raised letters sitting on wooden ledges. 

Designers: Emily Soo, Janki Lathia, Karlock Leung
Creative Direction: Keith Jones
Photography: Emily Soo, Eric Putz