Branding and environmental design for the Radio Cafe, a part of Roger’s Headquarters.

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The Radio Cafe is a music themed cafe and workspace for employees to enjoy and feel inspired in. Toronto radio stations, Kiss 92.5 and CHFI also had their live recording booths present in the cafe.

We developed a playful, bold typographic pattern that acted as a system that bound all the pieces in the space together. This included environmental graphics, installations and restaurant signage. A few highlights in the cafe include graphic mural walls, an interactive historical timeline of Rogers using a collection of archival prints, halftone portraits wrapped on the structural pillars, and a memorabilia wall installed with a selection of objects from top artists frequently played on Kiss 92.5 and CHFI stations.

The album art wall that span across the cafe acted as a catalyst for conversations in this space. With a collection of 170 records that were arranged from light to dark colour tones this created a visually stimulating gradient effect. The eclectic selection of album art was curated with genre/decade diversity, visuals and most importantly colour in mind.

Designers: Emily Soo, Karlock Leung / Creative Direction: Janki Lathia, Keith Jones / Photography: Emily Soo, Eric Putz