As a Fabrica trial
recipient in Treviso,
one of the projects
I explored was for
the United Colours
of Benetton collection.

The Moon Collection

The moon is a universal symbol, always seen no matter where you are in the world. It’s soothing, the light it emits is beautiful. The moon gives us a sense of familiarity and makes us feel at home. Using black paint and cut out foam core, I created stamps that would be the basis for my patterns. 

The Moon Collection: Narrative Series

In this series the different perspectives and interactions one can have with the moon are explored. From left to right; I've got the moon between my finger tips / from below, in the stars / from above, flight of birds / Fabrica finally visits the moon.

The Moon Collection: Monochromatic Series

These series of designs are abstract and simplistic, so it’s up to the interpretation of the user to see what the patterns means to them, that is if they don't see the moon at first. 

pastels moon collection_oct31-02.jpg

The Moon Collection: Gradient Series

These series of patterns evokes feelings of calm and peace. The mug functions as an interactive piece of art when it comes into contact with heat. Representative of the sky, a cold beverage will reveal a turquoise shade, as it heats up it will transition to a warm gradient. When the cup is no longer in use it will turn black, like the evening sky. 

Threaded Collection

The Threaded Collection plays with the illusion of creating tactility through energetic line work.This series shows an abstract representation of diverse threads and fibres that United Colours of Benetton would explore in their clothing line.